Please reconsider Barack Obama!

June 30, 2008
  • Christians who are voting for Barack Obama need to take some time to consider key issues that he stands for. Barack Obama concerns me greatly in three areas. The areas that concern me are in this order; Barack Obama is not a Christian, is not pro-life, and is antiwar (at least this war). I know this may fly in the face of some of my friends and relatives, but I don’t think you can continue to overlook these areas if you do decide to vote for him.Barack’s ideas of Christianity are not based on the Bible, and it does concern me that he attended a Muslim school as a kid. You may choose to overlook his schooling, but you do need to take it into consideration when you hear the statements he has made about Christianity. In Cal Thomas’ article “Barack Obama is not a Christian” on July 2nd 2008 for Fox news (, Cal writes how Barack clearly states the multiculturalism rhetoric of many ways to God(s) and heaven. Please take the time to read the article. This is heresy and damaging to Christianity. If this is who people look to as what Christianity is or supposed to be, Barack could lead a whole nation astray and to hell. If you consider the views of Barack’s former Pastor Reverend Wright, Barack’s own statements, and his Muslim school teachings as a child, you can see where he has been lead down the wrong path. This builds into the next area of concern I have.Barack is pro-choice. Abortion is wrong at any time and any place. If you don’t want to die during pregnancy don’t get pregnant. If you don’t want to die in a plane crash don’t ride in planes. If you don’t want to drown don’t get near water. If you don’t want to die don’t live! The last time numbers were collected as to why women were having abortions (coincidentally for some strange reason they no longer collect numbers, or at least publish them) at least 90%, and I believe it was much higher I just don’t have the numbers in front of me, up to 95% or more were not for the health of the mother. Yet, you and I pay taxes for this “lifestyle” choice. You can choose to have sex or not. You can choose to use birth control or not. I can’t choose to not pay taxes to support it. I’m a big guy. These days if you are obese they make you pay extra in health insurance costs because you have the wrong lifestyle. People who do drugs, who have unprotected sex with multiple partners, drink, smoke, and who are homosexual that clearly raises you risk of contracting aids don’t have to pay more for health insurance. Why? In fact Barack wants to tax us more so we can have a socialized health care. How about if you won’t pay for my insurance because I’m fat, don’t pay for other peoples dangerous lifestyle choices? How about accept the consequences for your actions? Women go in to have babies that are perfectly healthy and die. Perfectly healthy babies die in childbirth. We have the technology to save babies that are born in the time frame they are aborted in. We have the technology to know if something is wrong and even have performed surgeries in the womb. Doctors have taken babies out of the womb removed tumors and placed them back in the womb to be delivered at a later date (,2933,364500,00.html). There are very few times that it actually will kill the mother, and even then there are options besides killing the baby. I believe the Bible is clear on abortion, and I won’t get into it now.

    Barack is antiwar (at least this war). His reasons are; the war is not justified, it has cost too much, too many men and women have died. How does Barack have no problem that millions and millions of babies have died through abortion? How does Barack have no problem that millions and billions and trillions of dollars have been spent on paying for abortions? Say what you want about the war being justified or not, but don’t even begin to compare this war to any war the US has fought in the past. D-Day alone cost almost as much men. There are battles in the Civil War, World War I, and others that in one day 4,000 men have died. As far as the money is concerned, it is spent on better technology that has saved many American lives, which is money well spent. Neither of this compares to the numbers and money spent on abortion, that you and I support through tax dollars and voting for people who are pro-choice.

    Let me create a scenario. It’s September 11, 2001. You know that the second plane is going to strike the other world trade tower. There is a fighter jet in range to shoot it down before it hits the tower. What do you do? Do you shooot it down and have a few hundred die between the people on the plane and people on the ground, or do you let it go and 1000 plus people die? Hitler is building up his army and may attack. Do you wait till he is knocking on your doorstep to stop him or do you wait and the waiting cost millions of lives because of your inaction? Do you wait for Saddam to attack us or another country again throwing the middle east into chaos and driving up oil prices, or do you strike preemptively and make sure nothing happens and try to keep the area stable as well as the price of oil? Do you wait until Iran has nukes to stop them, or wait until after they use them or give them to terrorists to use?

    In closing, what really got me irked is this back and forth between Barack and Dr. Dobson. Dobson made some clear statements based on the Bible about Barack’s stances. Please read article by the Associated Press on June 24th 2008 entitled “Obama: Dobson Is ‘Making Stuff Up’ With Bible Criticism” ( Barack then proceeds to counter what Dobson says by saying Dobson is “Making Stuff Up”. So instead of a reasoned well thought out response like Dobson ( made in reference to Barack, Barack proceeds to respond disrespectfully to Dobson? And now, there is a website forming to counter what Dr. Dobson said ( I believe that is well over the top. Dobson didn’t start a website as to “Barack Obama is the Devil”. Why start a website to bash Dr. Dobson? And why hasn’t Barack Obama, the man who is going to help America have a better standing in the world through his superior diplomacy, come out against the website? Isn’t he supposed to be a uniter not a divider? Isn’t he because of his superior diplomacy supposed to know exactly how to handle this and not condemn people for their differing views? Is this what we can expect from him in dealing with foreign nations? Contrast this to John McCain’s visit to the Ellen show, where he took the tough questions, stated his views, handled the situation politely and respectfully, and then said that they would have to agree to disagree on issues pertaining to homosexuality. I didn’t hear him say anything bad about Ellen and a website wasn’t started to attack her. John McCain is not perfect. I didn’t vote for him in the primary, but I believe he is the best choice. Of course, I will not be voting for Barack Obama, and I hope anyone who is and reads this will reconsider.